Welcome . The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys is pleased to bring you the Child Abuse Prosecution Project Online Database.  The goal of this comprehensive resource is to provide relevant and current case support for child abuse prosecutors.  Resources include, but are not limited to, sample motions, briefs, jury questions, appellate briefs, jurisdiction-specific case law and other legal documents to enhance your practice.

In an effort to maintain confidentiality and allow for easier access by all, all documents are screened by an attorney with the Child Abuse Prosecution Project and stripped of all case-specific information.  Additionally, all users of this database are pre-screened to determine their eligibility, and only prosecutors are granted access.  Users are periodically required to prove continued eligibility to maintain access.


Because this database consists of documents provided by dedicated child abuse professionals, we ask that you consider contributing your resources to help other child abuse prosecutors in your state and around the country.  This database is only as strong as the contributions that we receive, so we thank you in advance for your assistance.

To contribute to this database, please send your submissions to mary.sawicki@apainc.org, with the subject line reading Database Submission.  Again, we thank you for your continued efforts to fight child abuse by assisting each other.  If we don’t work together, child abuse can last a lifetime.

Case Law

Selected summaries and links to case law relevant to child abuse prosecutions.

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Online Resources

Sample motions, orders, transcripts, and trial resources that can be downloaded and modified for use in the prosecution of child abuse cases.

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Expert Witnesses

Transcripts, supplemental materials, and contact information for both prosecution and defense expert witnesses from across the country.

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